Frequently Asked Questions


  • is a business wing of the main (.com). On, artists can sell their music at their choice of price get their money straight into their account.

  • First, create an account, then Login.

    You will see PENDING sign at the top right corner beside your profile icon. This shows that your account is pending approval.

    Wait for your account to be Approved (Mostly within 1hr - 2hrs).

    When your account is approved, you will see ADD MUSIC icon by the top left corner when you click on the Navigation.

    Click to ADD MUSIC. Fill the form and upload your song. Wait for the upload to complete , then you will get a success notification.

    That's it, your song is submitted for approval 👍.

  • Relax ☺,  we are right here. If you need any help, chat with our live agents or feel free to send us an email. 

    [email protected]

  • It takes 1-2 hours after your submission, and a maximum of 24 hours sometimes. However, it may take 24hr - 72hrs if we have technical or maintenance issues. If you contact us, it may be faster.

  • We take 30% and give you 70%. This means that if you sell 1 song for N200, you will be left with N140 after we take away N60.

    So, N140 x number of sales = your profit.

  • There are many reasons why the system can reject your submission.

    Low image quality.

    Poor production.

    Please ensure to meet up with the two requirements above.

  • You can withdraw your earnings by going to your PROFILE.

    There you will be able to setup your account number for withdraw. We process payments twice every month.

  • Your BALANCE is the money you added to be used for puchases (You cannot withdraw this money).

    While EARNINGS are money you earned from people who purchased your song.